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Alex Polonski, Digital Marketing Recruitment Agency For the last years my main focus was the search for bright talents in Ukraine, and placing them as remote employees to the EU and US companies. Headhunting is never an easy job. And I know how hard it is for you to find a loyal marathon runner rather than a talkative job hopper.

So do I, as long an I have more than 15 years of a hands-on experience in e-commerce and digital marketing. But I knows the ways to find, pre-screen and motivate proper people.

The area of my focus are the professionals in digital marketing for e-commerce. Like PPC managers, SEO, content managers, translators, and T-shaped digital marketers. Also IT staff (programmers, DevOps).

Though being in Ukraine, or displaced, these people will become a successful remote part of an e-commerce team in any part of the world.

That's a proven fact and a proven model of the modern labor market.

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